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Customer Service

Claims: What you should do if a loss occurs

Immediately contact your insurance agent who will provide the carrier with the necessary information to begin the processing of your claim. We will assist you in every way we can to see your claim through to a satisfactory conclusion.


Personal Lines:

You may contact your insurance representative or call the insurance carrier directly. Please see the list of contacts below.

International Medical Group (IMG):

IMG offers unique international medical insurance coverage. Click the link below to get covered.


Please contact your agent, or go to their website and you can file an electronic claim, or call



Travelers / Premier:

You may call Travelers/Premier directly. They are committed to providing a fast, focused response to your claim - from the moment you call.  Travelers at 1(800)252-4633 (1-800-CLAIM33) Premier Insurance for Automobile Insurance Claims - 1(877) 425-2466 Premier Auto Glass Claims- 1(800) 442-4820

Please make it a priority to report all claims to Travelers as soon as possible, even in cases where not all information is available. The sooner we know about losses, the sooner we can help. Claims can be reported as follows:

  • To assist customers with immediate damage mitigation needs, we have mobilized tree removal and roof tarping vendors.  As we receive claims, we can dispatch these resources directly to help customers.


  • Personal Insurance: 1.800.CLAIM33 (1.800.252.4633)

  • Business Insurance: 1.800.238.6225

  • As claims are received by our call centers, they are assigned to trained claim professionals in the area. To ensure your customers receive the prompt service they deserve, we are working closely with Travelers National Catastrophe Management Center to monitor claim volumes and quickly assign the appropriate resources to help. Beyond our significant claim footprint in the state, we have the ability to quickly draw on Travelers’ 13,000-person claim organization to access additional claim professionals and supporting resources from outside the area as needed.

  • Because customer service is a top priority, all claims will be handled by highly trained representatives, who share our commitment to achieving the best outcome on every claim. 

  • Travelers Mobile Claim Office is en route to the Springfield area to assist agents and customers there. This is a fully self contained office on wheels, where customers and agents without power or telecommunications access can reach us for help. You and your customers can start a claim, talk to one of our managers, or just access our network. We will inform you of the Mobile Claim Office location as soon as possible. You can always check a special Severe Weather Alert page of our website,, for the latest Mobile Claim Office locations.

  • To ensure customers know how to reach us, we are advertising in local print media, radio stations and news websites:

  • Radio

  • Springfield - Friday thru Monday
    WMAS-FM (94.7)
    WHYN-AM (560)
    WPKX-FM (97.9)
    Worcester - Friday thru Monday
    WTAG-AM (580)
    WSRS-FM (96.1)
    *Radio includes online advertising that can run for the whole month
    The Republican (Springfield) - Friday only
    TV Online (6/2- 6/6) (NBC) – Springfield (ABC) - Worcester/Boston

Plymouth Rock / Bunker Hill:

If you would like a real time quote from Plymouth, please use the following hyperlink to access Playmouth Rock Assurance Company directly and begin the quoting process 24/7.   Save the quote and contact Sumner & Toner to confirm and issue the policy at 413 567-6161.

If you have an accident, Plymouth Rock/Bunker Hill is only a phone call away, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just call 888-324-1620. Claims fax: 617-951-1624

Please encourage customers who have damage to their homes to take steps to prevent further damage – put tarps over holes, board up windows, clean up standing water and the like. 

To report a claim, you can reach us any time at 888-472-5246. If you have any questions, please contact your Marketing Representative.

Quincy Mutual:

Emergency claim reporting may be necessary after hours or on weekends. Call Quincy Mutual at 617-770-5100 or 800-899-1116 and you will receive instructions on our Emergency Claim Reporting Program and be given a toll free number to call.


  1. The best way to report a claim is through our toll free phone line 800-490-0047. We have staffed the operation so that there should be no delays in taking calls 24/7.

    Our property claims adjusters have experienced difficulty contacting policyholders to schedule an appointment. Whenever possible, please let us know the best way to contact policyholders and whether their property is available for inspection. Several communities still have a travel ban due to down power lines.  If a claim has been reported to Quincy Mutual, but the policyholder has not been contacted by the adjusting firm, please contact LaMarche Associates directly at 800-222-0143.  Operators are available to assist you and provide direct contact information for the field adjuster.



The Massachusetts State Fair Plan:

(800) 392- 6108

Federal Emergancy  

FEMA: (800) 621-3362



Commercial Lines:


Please contact your agent directly or call Commercial Accounts: 1.800.238.6225


Quincy Mutual:

Emergency claim reporting may be necessary after hours or on weekends. Call Quincy Mutual at 617-770-5100 or 800-899-1116 and you will receive instructions on our Emergency Claim Reporting Program and be given a toll free number to call.



After completion of the claim form, your claim information will be sent to the Care Center for registration and then assigned to a claim office for handling. Zurich North America will send a message to the email address provided by you to acknowledge receipt of the claim and provide the claim assignment information. The more detail that can be provided about the loss can be critical in the proper handling of the reported claim. Report a loss Phone 1-800-987-3373, Fax 1-877-962-2567 or contact Sumner and Toner.


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